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    4 ROTATE
    Join Our Ranks! Looking to join the Fourth Degree? Click here! http://kofc1094.org/how-to-join _blank
    Flag Certificate Presentations Recognizing those companies who proudly fly Old Glory. http://kofc1094.org/photoalbums/flag-day-presentations _blank
    Chalice Presentation Presenting a chalice to a priest on behalf of the family of a deceased Sir Knight
    Full Regalia Turnouts Where will we be next? Check out our events calendar. http://kofc1094.org/events _blank
    For Those Who Came Before Us We remember those who have passed away in our prayers. http://kofc1094.org/deceased-prayer-list _blank
    In Solidarity with our Bishops & Priests Our assembly is proud to provide turnouts whenever one of the Shepherds of our diocese visits a local parish.
    Attending Special Events Our assembly is available for turnouts for special masses at your parish or college.
    Corporate Communion Mass with Council 2917 Attending the sacred liturgy with our brother knights.
    Flag Certificate Presentations Recognizing those companies who proudly fly our nation's flag. http://kofc1094.org/photoalbums/flag-day-presentations _blank
    Across the Archdiocese We provide turn outs for events at our local parishes and when requested further, even in Galveston.
    Parades & Processions We march in a variety of civic and religious celebrations, including St. Patrick's Day and May Day Processions
    Devoted to Mary Our order remains devoted to the Virgin Mother, as exemplified in our activities.
    4-25-2019 Annunciation 150 Year celebration